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"My lower and mid back were extremely tense and sore like I had been really bruised. I found it very difficult to move my head to the left and right sides and it was also really hard to bend down and pick things up and I was constantly in pain every day. 
(with acupuncture) it was improved. The stiffness has loosened up. I am able to perform my normal daily activities Acupuncture has been a blessing for me and ever since my treatment I have not been suffering from the pain everyday any more! Thank you." 
–Stephanie B. 07-13-04
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Digestion Effectiveness Testing 

Digestion is a critical element of health. We can consume all the right foods, nutrients and supplements (when called for) but if we do not digest it effectively, we will never reach full health capacity. 
There are two keys in diagnosis. First to identify the appropriate treatment to restore health and the second is to identify the level (frequency & dosage) of application. 
Muscle Response Testing

Acupuncture is a ancient treatment arising from the observation in several Asian cultures that placing small needles at specific points in the body produced consistent positive impacts. Acupuncture is of great interest to many Americans today because it often has very successful outcomes with less side effects and dange than other available pharmaceutical and surgical treatments for symptom relief.