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Patient Preparation Notes:
New Patients: 

Please click the image above, download and complete the form before you arrive at the office. It is about 8 pages that cover your medical history including prescription medicines, accidents, surgeries and previous doctors. If you do not complete in advance, please bring this information and arrive about 30 minutes early to complete in the office. (We welcome you but it's not nearly as comfortable as completing it in advance). Also, please read the recommendations below. Thanks. Dr. Roc Gantt
Patient Medical History
Allergy Elimination (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques)

“My allergies made my life very miserable. I was extremely congested most of the time and had much difficulty breathing. I tried avoiding the outdoors as much as possible during the spring and summer, but I love being outside so it was very difficult. My allergies how are much, much better since I began treatment. I haven’t been congested since the first week of being treated. I don’t take any medication, and can enjoy life outdoors. I am grateful to have met Dr. Gantt and for the improvement in the quality of my life that he has given me.”
– Chris O. 06-09-05

What happens when I have to reschedule / change the timing of my treatment? 

Sometimes it makes no difference and nothing negative happens.

Some treatments are timing and their sequence critical. They can be started over. It is important to understand that some of these sequences can be 30 days others 60 and 90 days. Resetting and restarting will cause both delays in your results and additional cost for duplicated Herbs, nutritional supplements and treatments. 

Dr. Gantt is very skilled in treatments that have a proven history of success in patients where others have failed. Each patient controls a lot of their individual success with the behavior, dedication and follow through in working with the doctor. We observe that an individual patient's success tracks very closely to their commitment. Though not the only measure, keeping appointments and arriving prepared and a few minutes early is a very good measure of tracking your success.
We welcome our patients to share their experience with those considering us for the first time. Please click on the links below to share your experiences. Thanks. It really helps those considering us for the first time. 
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Most patients pay directly for their services. 

Doctor offers special pricing for paying in advance for multiple treatments. Ask for details. 

Doctor also works with patients that are involved  with an attorney in an accident case where payment is a lein on the final settlement. Again, please ask the doctor for details. 
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