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Allergy Elimination (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques)

“My allergies made my life very miserable. I was extremely congested most of the time and had much difficulty breathing. I tried avoiding the outdoors as much as possible during the spring and summer, but I love being outside so it was very difficult. My allergies how are much, much better since I began treatment. I haven’t been congested since the first week of being treated. I don’t take any medication, and can enjoy life outdoors. I am grateful to have met Dr. Gantt and for the improvement in the quality of my life that he has given me.”
– Chris O. 06-09-05
Patient Review and Evaluation
Often when you visit a doctor, you have no mechanism for communicating the impact of the treatment until the next visit. We would like to get this input sooner so it may be incorporated more quickly into your treatment program. We also find that documenting and tracking your results makes for more engaged and effective patients. We are not asking you to do the doctors work but to observe and note the impact each doctor's visit has on your health. 

A copy is sent to our office and to the email you choose. As such, this is not in compliance with the patient confidentiality requirements of HIPPA and done entirely voluntarily and with recognition that the information is being sent through unsecure email channels.