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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria - 

have been found in the US (May 2016). The more we have used commercial antibiotics the less effective they have become. If these are now a real concern for us, what are our options? 

1. Everyone can build their immune system broadly by including (more) of certain foods in their diets. There are a number of good sources for information on this. Be careful about the newest wonder product - antibiotics were once in this camp. 
2. At the clinic, we work with Chinese herbs and Standard Process nutritional supplements to target a wide variety of patient individual needs. One of the effects is to generally build a stronger immune system.
3. A Doctor friend of ours has studied the impact of many of the Chinese herbs on bacteria and developed recommendations on which are most effective. 
4. NAET treatments reduce the bodies immune response to foods and items in the environment that there is no need to provide an immune response to. This saves the bodies immune energy for where it is really needed. 

We do consultations at the clinic if you just want to talk and we can work with you to implement these strategies to improve your personal level of immunity for a healthier life. 
Dr. Gantt & his wife Alma
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