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Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique

NAET synthesizes several medical disciplines for a unique approach that addresses allergies and more broadly health. Dr. Gantt incorporates NAET in his practice. Dr. Gantt is also a teacher/trainer for NAET and was in fact Dr. Nambudripad's first approved teacher/trainer.  

Before one can treat allergies, one has to identify the substance eliciting the allergic response. The first step in this is good detective work narrowing and identifying the list of possibilities.  In western medicine, the focus is on environmental allergens. There is not good test to identify and confirm food allergies. Western medicine uses a test where the skin is scratched and possible allergens are introduced on a grid pattern to allow multiple items to be tested simultaneously and the results to be identified. 

Eastern medicine uses Muscle Response Testing to identify allergens without an invasive "scratch" the patients skin. One item is tested at a time and the results are clear immediately. The test is fast so a number of items can be tested in sequence during an office visit with no waiting for test results. Also, this test works effectively on both food and environmental allergens providing the doctor with a substantially broader picture of the patient's allergies. 
Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques

"Audrey was 11/2 years old and could only eat chicken, apples,and sweet potatoes without breaking out in hives and severe eczema. She had to have her hands, arms and legs covered at all times even in summer to prevent her from scratching to the point of requiring firest aid from the bleeding and sores. 
There was great improvement after the first treatment. After clearing the basic 12, she can eat almost anything with little or no reaction." 
– Diane L (Audrey's Mom) . 07-08-04
NAET Allergy Elimination Logo
Discovered in 1983 by Devi S. Nambudripad, D.C., L.Ac., M.D., Ph.D (Acu.), Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) brings together Eastern and Western medicine for a unique non invasive treatment for allergies.

Dr. Nambudripad brought together ideas from allopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology and nutrition for a revolutionary treatment. She continues to develop and refine the treatment. The picture to the right shows the award Dr. Gantt received for his work from Dr. Nambudripad. 
Her book "Say Good-Bye to Illness" is recommended reading and available from Dr. Gantt. The Companion book "The NAET Guidebook" is an important part of your treatment plan.  
NAET is about eliminating the body's allergic responses so the patient can safely eat, drink, use and come in contact with the allergen in the future without initiating an allergic response.In most people the allergy is eliminated within about 25 hours. When a patient is extremely sensitive or cannot avoid the allergen for 25 hours following treatment, multiple treatments may be needed. Patients with multiple allergies will need treatment for each one so the total length of treatment will vary by patient.

NAET merges concepts and practices from muscle response testing, Chiropractic nerve stimulation and acupuncture. 

Dr. Gantt positioning the NAET treatment jar with a patient. 
Dr. Gantt with patient holding a NAET treatment jar. 
​Patient holding a testing/treatment vile. Note it is a sealed vile and the patient is tested/ treated without directly contacting the allergen. 
Left. Dr. Gantt was recognized by Dr. Nambudripad for his work and help with NAET. 

Right. Dr. Nambudripad's book is available from Dr. Gantt. 

Far right. Patients instruction book when undergoing NAET for the common allergens.