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Dr. Roc Gantt evaluates his patients as complete people. Many arrive with a specific symptom or group of symptoms that is causing them a problem. Some arrive with a diagnosis from a western medicine professional but western medicine treatments are nonexistent or ineffective in their particular case. When viewing these patients holistically, Dr. Gantt sometimes finds the need for additional nutritional supplementation to support the nutrients coming from their diet. 

Why do some people need nutritional supplements and others not? Why do different people need and respond to different nutritional supplements?

Our diets vary and though we are part of the same family, with input from gene pools often from many communities and multiple continents, genes that had developed to be very effective at digesting and processing specific diet combinations are now crossed with genes that processed very different foods. Add to that that as a culture, we have one of the most diverse 
provides consulting and treatment on nutrition, nutrition allergies and broadly on nutrition issues. More will be added shortly. 

​Dr. Gantt has used and recommended nutritional supplements from Standard Process Company in Wisconsin due to a consistent record of quality. 
Most vitamins available for purchase are made synthetically. It is quicker, easier and the process produces relatively pure products. However, since the early 1940's there have been studies that vitamins derived from real food products are more effectively used by live organisms (like people). There has not been a lot of funding for this line of thinking. The details are not well studied and the reasons have been speculated at but are not fully confirmed. In all likely hood they will be more complex than we think and take more study to explore the relationships and synergistic effects.  

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“I was in pain 90% of the time until Dr. Gantt treated me. His program of diet changes, mental activities to promote positive thinking, and physical treatments via acupuncture and massage proved highly beneficial. I am definitely better. Western medicine did not address the trouble in my diet and lifestyle. Dr. Gantt cared enough to ask deeper questions.”

– Ray S. 07-14-04
Nutrition Response Testing

Allergies are a growing concern for many Americans. Why do our children seem to be more sensitive to substances than we were? Do diseases like autism, arthritis and share a common element of allergic reaction?  Are there underlying causes? Pharmaceutical and surgical treatments have become common place. Are there alternatives? 

Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique™ or NAET was been developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad as an alternative. It incorporates muscle response testing, acupuncture, chiropractic to eliminate allergies. 
At Natural Health Clinic, we use and recommend food supplements derived from whole foods. These supplements concentrate the amount of nutrition while maintaining the association, balance and natural diversity of chemical configurations of important nutrients that are believed to be the reasons naturally derived supplements outperform their synthetic counterparts. Instead of single synthetically generated vitamins these products contain a broad range of additional substances occurring in natural foods associated with the vitamin(s). It is our experience that this leads better outcomes.  

Is it because some of these substances work synergisticly in conjunction with the vitamins? Is it because the additional substances have some value to the body that the fillers used with synthetic vitamins don't? Is it that these substances somehow facilitate better absorption or utilization of the vitamin? Is it because of so other factor or some combination of factors? We do not know yet but we have observed that supplements derived from natural products seem to produce better results than synthetics.