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Body Restoration Technique™ (BRT)

Hormone imbalance is a growing concern for many Americans. Why are so many women developing fibroids, breast cancer, cystic breasts, cystic ovaries, endometriosis, PMS and hot flashes? Why are we finding that most American men over 50 have an enlarged prostrate? Are there underlying causes? Pharmaceutical and surgical treatments have become common place. Are there alternatives? 

Body Restoration Technique™ or BRT was been developed by Dr. Eric E. Berg D.C. as an alternative. It uses natural alternatives to treat underlying causes of hormone imbalance. 

Our endocrine system is 10 glands producing 50 or more hormones that control very specific body processes. The gland adds a hormone to the blood stream, it flows throughout the body. Hormones chemistry is designed like a key and the cells where it is to act have sites on the cell membrane or the nucleus that act as a lock that matches and takes direction from just that one hormone. When it reaches the specific cells it is to message, it connects transmitting the signal for a specific action or response. With this precision matching one would not expect a lot of problems.  

So, what does cause hormones to get out of balance? A gland may have slowed production due to damage, health deterioration or age. Especially in the last hundred years or so, various substances that never existed before have been invented. Some of these have configurations and properties similar to hormones or somehow affect the performance of hormones. These are called Endocrine Disruptors (ED's​)

Endocrine Disruptors alter hormone function primarily in four ways:
  • Mimic (fully or partially) by binding to the hormone receptors in place of the hormone.
  • Block by preventing or altering hormones from binding to the receptors.
  • Alter production or breakdown of natural hormones. (Generally the result is too much or too little hormone)
  • Modify the making and functioning of hormone receptors.

Endocrine receptors are located in the cell membrane and sometimes in the nucleus (thyroid is an example) of the cells that receive and respond to the hormone. 

The most commonly studied hormones are sex hormones. The common term "Estrogen" actually covers several related/ similar hormones produced by the body. Many man made substances that act as Endocrine disruptors for these hormones. 

Dr. Gantt works with patients on Thyroid performance and returning thyroid hormone function to the normal range from both too high and too low.

The concept of BRT is to provide energy at the same frequency but out of phase with the disruptor so it will neutralize the disruptor and allow the gland/organ to reset. BRT has also been used to provide energy in a matched phase to aid in the repair and recovery of damaged glands. 

Patient Preparation:
  • Get a full nights sleep - 8 hours
  • Eat regularly before your treatment and come "well fed" 
  • Do not take either alcohol or over the counter medications from 6:00 pm the evening before your treatment. 
  • Notify the doctor of all prescriptions and nutritional supplements you are taking. 

Treatment is in the clinic. The diagnosis and first treatment can take an hour. Subsequent treatments usually take about 1/2 hour. Most patients report seeing improvement by the third treatment. The total number of treatments varies with severity of the problem and patient responsiveness. Your energy field requires 25 hours to clear the disruptor energy field. Contacting the disruptor within 25 hours can negate the treatment. 

Post Treatment:
Patients who are successfully treated often report fatigue, nausea, depression, moodiness, headaches, and/or a worsening of original symptoms during and shortly after treatment. These seem to be an indicator the treatment is working.  

Patient Instructions:
  • Avoid the disruptor for 25 hours
  • No exercise for 6 hours
  • No alcohol for 25 hours. Ask about other medications but do not discontinue without instructions.
  • No major physical or mental stress for 25 hours - This includes avoiding arguments with friends and family and not being around people that upset you. 

"My lower and mid back were extremely tense and sore like I had been really bruised. I found it very difficult to move my head to the left and right sides and it was also really hard to bend down and pick things up and I was constantly in pain every day. 
(with acupuncture) it was improved. The stiffness has loosened up. I am able to perform my normal daily activities Acupuncture has been a blessing for me and ever since my treatment I have not been suffering from the pain everyday any more! Thank you." 
–Stephanie B. 07-13-04