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Thyroid problem or at least 90 percent are due to endocrine disruptors this is also confirmed by Dr. Eric Berg in his book Healthy Hormones Healthy Life where he also discuses his treatment form BRT Body Restoration Technique which can be used to balance the endocrine system. At our clinic we have had great success in treating hypothyroid conditions, Hashimotos syndrome etc. However all patients are not always treated the same even though the symptoms are similar we treat the patient not the symptoms although symptoms do help direct the treatment. And may help determine the technique and type of treatment needed. 

What are signs of low thyroid
  • constipation
  • low body temp/ intolerance to cold
  • cold extremities
  • low blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • brittle weak nails
  • infertility
  • acne
  • depression
  • weight gain
  • cramping
  • hair thinning/ hair loss most noticeable on scalp /eye brows
  • sleep problems
  • joint pain


These are tiny chemical messengers produced in a gland, released into the body to be distributed to locations where they guide activity. 

What is the Endocrine system?

From the moment of conception all the way into adult hood and beyond, there exists unseen force that keeps you alive healthy, vibrant, and in balance. 

What are endocrine disruptors? 

endocrine glands comprise what is known as the endocrine system and any thing disrupting this system is a endocrine disruptor  

Partial list of endocrine disruptors

  • Non organic produce laden with pesticides herbicides
  • Atrazine, ,organophosphates, and other feminizing crop chemicals prolific in non organic fruits vegetables there almost impossible to avoid, which is why it’s important to stay with organic or certified chemical-free varieties when ever possible 
  • plastic bottles and other consumer products made from petrochemicals
  • whether its the plasticizing chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) or phthalates like di(2-ethythexyl) phthalate (DEHP)many plastic –based products are loaded with EDCs. So are various other common consumer products like cans of food, personal care products that contain “fragrance “chemicals, plastic wrap, and even thermal paper receipts at the grocery store.
  • Unfiltered water- this is an important one because all sorts of chemicals and drug residues are being found in municipal water supplies many of which are not being filtered out properly using standard methods at the treatment plant. Such chemicals include perchlorate a by product of rocket fuel that displaces iodine in the body and can cause thyroid problems another harmful chemical in most municipal water supplies, at least in North America, is fluoride which is very difficult to remove except with activated alumina, deionization, or reverse osmosis water filtration systems.
  • Furniture, carpeting, non-stick cookware, and other house hold products- many household products that people spend a lot of time either lying on or cooking in –things such as couches, carpeting and cook where – are hotbeds of EDCs. In furniture, the threat usually comes from fire-retardant chemicals like polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBDEs). In cookware, it’s often perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) that pose the greatest risk.
  • Air fresheners, scented non bees wax candles hand soaps, laundry detergents, tampons, and diapers many scented house hold products are plagued by undefined “fragrance” chemicals that existing law allows to be used as a blanket term to define more than 3,000 individual chemicals, many of which are known EDCs. Hand sanitizers are also problematically contain a hormone altering antibacterial chemical known as triclosan that studies have shown accumulates inside the body and interfere with
  • Hormone production and actually strengthens the bacteria, this is one reason we now have antibiotic and antibacterial resistant bacteria a serious life threatening problem for all .
  • Phytoestrogens in food –perhaps the worst phytoestrogenic food that millions of people eat is soy (fermented soy like soy tempee, misso, natto and some soy sauce (today some is not fermented) is not so problematic). Do a little reading or ask us for a better explanation if this seems like it applies. Also US grown soy is often being genetically modified – GMO.
  • Old paint – is a common source of lead, a known neurotoxin that can directly interfere with normal hormone production is often found especially in older homes, interior walls and window sills being the most common source due to young children chewing on these but flaking and peeling from all locations can affect all ages. Older painted children’s toys are another source to watch.
  • Synthetic hormones – many women going through menopause are told by there doctors to take synthetic hormones like diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic form of the female hormone estrogens helping rebalance hormone levels. However some of the latest evidence suggests that such drugs can actually do the opposite, which is why at the Natural Health Clinic we use methods that are completely natural and can get the body to produce its normal amount of hormone and cause the body to excrete EDCs. For a solution to EDCs and endocrine related health issues we often treat with combination of NAET, BRT and Chinese Herbs. The factors underlying each patient’s situation are unique. Some patients only need one of these techniques, for others it is a combination or even all. Call us for an appointment to see how we could balance your hormones.

it may seem strange but many of these symptoms are also associated with having an excess of estrogen hormones or even an hyper thyroid. Its all about balance when it comes to hormones and how they affect the body. Its really important here to remember that fixing an imbalance is not necessarily as simple as popping a pill to increase or decrease another hormone. What is more important is why is the imbalance happening in the first place and how this can be corrected more naturally with out causing other complications to the body 

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