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Treating Underlying Conditions

Managing symptoms continuously, preparing for conception and continuing over a 9 month pregnancy can be more challenging, costly and cumbersome than treating and resolving an underlying issue prior to conception. Sometimes treating the underlying condition is the only way to achieve conception and/ or to resolve miscarrages. Preparing for pregnancy by maximizing the health of both the mother and father can be very helpful in achieving conception, in supporting a successful pregnancy and remember that child rearing often takes more energy and thought  than we plan.

"My wife and I had been trying to have a child for over a year. After Several fertility tests for my wife and I, she and I visited Dr. Roc . . . We had a baby girl.  
                                                           ~ Daran L.  Sacramento 06-13-15
The Sacramento Natural Health Clinic Chinese Herb Pharmacy
Conceiving and bearing a child is a very important part of life in many families. When they are having trouble doing this it is usually very frustrating and your options can fast become very expensive. Most patients that come to our clinic have already worked through at least the basic options in Western Medicine without success.
Diagnostic Tools                        
  • Muscle Response Testing
  • Nutritional Response Testing
  • Lens
Fertility/ Infertility Female/ Male   - Natural Alternatives to expensive practices like IVF
Many times couple come to us after their doctor has been unable to help them conceive. They may have asked for a diagnosis of their problem and their doctor been unable to help. At the Sacramento Natural Health Clinic, we are often diagnosing the solution rather than the problem. More important than what is wrong, what is it that can help you conceive? 

Muscle response testing is a forward looking tool we use that focuses on the solution rather than the problem. It works on the principal that your body knows the answer at a very deep level and the doctor talks with/ listens to your body through muscle responses. It will tell him the best treatment choice for today when he asks and listens well. 

Nutrition response testing understands that to conceive, many nutritional factors must be met in both the mother and the father. Nutrition is an important factor in preparing to conceive. 

The lens is an unique tool that allows a woman to track and identify the specific time she is fertile.  When dealing with multiple issues, this gives a couple a tool to time intercourse. 
Symptom (Short term) Relief 
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Herbs
Eliminating Underlying Conditions
  • Allergy 
  • Nutritional Supplementation

Short term (symptom) Relief:
This may sound like an unusual way to look at this. We use a group of tools that provide relatively short term impact targeted benefit primarily for conception. Examples include certain Chinese herbs that help prepare a women for conception and acupuncture that improves the flow of energy through her body again in preparation for conception. 

Today many of us focus on symptom relief in many aspects of our lives and health. Symptom relief is important but especially in the case of conception, pregnancy, and successfully carrying the child to term, treating and mitigating symptoms without resolving the underlying issues and causes can lead to miscarriages and children whose performance and capacity is less than their potential. We will treat the symptoms and sometimes this is all we need to do. Often times you will need/ want to remove underlying issues and causes bringing the body to optimal health for the long term benefit of both mother and baby.

Acupuncture is used to open the energy pathways in the body. While all 12 are important, the conception vessel is the most common focus when there are fertility problems.  

Chinese Herbs can be used to prepare the body for conception and 
pregnancy. These formulas have been time tested. Herbs may also 
used with acupuncture to enable the smooth and free flow of energy 
in the bodies meridians.
Western medicine approaches nutrition in general rather shallowly with a one size fits all "daily recommendation" approach seemingly from an earlier time. Addresses nutrition before and during pregnancy is very important. We look at nutrition for both father and mother before conception. Using Nutritional Response Testing, we can identify supplements that will benefit both mother and father in preparation for conception and during the pregnancy. Our supplements are all natural from organic sources. Our principal supplier started in 1929 and has been a leader in developing all natural nutritional supplements. Many of our patients (both fathers and mothers) continue with a nutritional supplement program as they enter the world of parenthood. 

Allergies can be an underlying issue in conception and miscarriages. We commonly treat people in our practice with multiple small allergies to foods and environmental substances. We systematically test for and eliminate these starting with the most common ones. When patients have been unsuccessful with Western Medicine solutions, this is often the issue. Along with other benefits, eliminating allergies frees energy in your body to develop a stronger immune system benefiting both mother and child. We have helped women identify and eliminate allergies to a number of items including partner's sperm leading to successful pregnancies. When miscarriages are a problem, we may need to treat the mother during pregnancy as the treatment seems to eliminate the allergy from both mother and child. 

Most patients that come to us have been unsuccessful in working with their doctors for conception and carrying their child to term. Usually tests have been run to verify male sperm count and rule out common items that Western Medicine is good at treating. Many patients come to us as an alternative to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) which is a fairly costly procedure. We review their history and listen to their input. Our work approaches conception and pregnancy from an Eastern Medicine perspective with a greater focus on energy (chi) flow and nutrition in both partners in preparation for conception. The lack of previous success indicates underlying factors, the most common we find are energy flow and allergies - often (not always) at low levels individually with the sum adding up to the problem. 

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gantt to talk about your personal situation. 
At the Sacramento Natural Health Clinic, we treat infertility using time proven 
ancient methods, receintly developed modern techniques and broad selection of 
natural alternatives. Each patient and each problem is unique and so is each solution.

The mothers body is where conception and development occur and is where most of our attention is focused, however and a very important however, the father is critical to this process. Usually sperm count has already been verified. We work with both the mother and father on nutrition. Eastern medicine focuses on the flow of energy in the body, when Western tools have not worked this is where we most often find the solution. 

We look to work with your Western medical team. We provide alternatives for couples faced with relatively expensive, less personal and sometimes invasive choices. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a good example. When an all natural nutritional supplement or time tested ancient Chinese herbs, or opening the flow of energy with acupuncture helps a couple to conceive the old fashioned way, our patients see this as a preferred choice and financial benefit. When we need to go deeper for underlying factors like allergies, we work on elimination treatments that provide an ongoing long term benefit for the patient.