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Nutritional Response Testing

Nutritional Response Testing is a tool that helps you and your doctor quickly and efficiently identify the specific nutritional supplements that your body most needs at this point in time. It isn't about blood tests done months ago. It isn't about “other patients in similar situations have done well on . . . " It is about testing your body now and having it tell us what it needs now. 

When doing nutritional response testing the doctor uses muscle response testing to communicate with your body's innate knowledge of what it needs right now.

We provide your body with a nutrition and herb samples. Some may be energy signatures in sealed jars. It isn't necessary for the patient to know what is in the jar, your body does. It responds to the contents and the doctor will watch that response to determine both which supplement(s) you need and the level you need now. The doctor will test again at your next visit to see if your needs have evolved. 

In the beginning, this can be foreign and a little unnerving. However, with a little observation and practice, patients find that while they may not know what is in each jar but they can and do easily observe the differences in their bodies response to the different jars at the same time the doctor does. In this way they know that it is their body "talking" and the doctor is a skilled and patient observer, a careful "listener", an important part of the process but not a "magical" one. 

With nutritional response testing, we can help you to identify and recover from nutritional deficiencies by identifying the concentrated  supplements that provide the most powerful nutritional help your body wants at this point in time. Over time, these can change as your body finds its way to optimal performance. The time this takes will vary with each individual. It is about you and your body and not 

What can help? 

Broadly, we suggest following good nutrition and dietary practices. We recommend eating a healthy diet. Talk with the doctor about details and your specific situation. Generally, More vegetables, Less processed foods, preservatives and additives is commonly considered a move in the right direction. Plenty of water, less of other drinks is another good general direction too. In a healthy body, the microflora in our gut converts our food to nutrition. Our microflora is in a complex balance. The better our food and the better our gut functions, the more our nutritional needs are met from our food without the need for supplements. Many parts of life, with the use of antibiotics being a well known one, affect the levels of microflora in our gut. Certain foods and probiotic supplements can help restore these when needed. 

Most importantly, nutritional response testing individually tests and measures what your body needs today to live and perform at it's maximum potential. 

In the end it is you who is responsible for your health. Nutritional Response Testing is a tool you and doctor can use to test, measure and monitor what your body can tell you about it's current nutritional needs. 
Nutritional Response Testing & Designed Clinical Nutrition
“I was always nauseous and tired. I had very little appetite and was incapacitated by severe headaches about 70 to 80% of the time. Doctor Gantt helped me to figure out what things were making me sick and we changed my diet and followed through with the treatments. . . Wow! I have only had one sick day in the last 7 months and my friends are constantly commenting on the huge difference in my appearance and energy. I feel better than I’ve felt in 10 years!”
– Patti M. 06-08-05