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Standard Process Nutritional Supplements

Standard Process nutritional supplements have a long history of quality and consistency in delivering nutritional supplementation to our patients. 

The doctor always recommends a good balanced diet. Sometimes for a variety of reasons, patients need nutritional supplementation. Depending on the underlying cause, this can be a short term need or an ongoing supplementation.
"My lower and mid back were extremely tense and sore like I had been really bruised. I found it very difficult to move my head to the left and right sides and it was also really hard to bend down and pick things up and I was constantly in pain every day. 
(with acupuncture) it was improved. The stiffness has loosened up. I am able to perform my normal daily activities Acupuncture has been a blessing for me and ever since my treatment I have not been suffering from the pain everyday any more! Thank you." 
–Stephanie B. 07-13-04
Dr. Gantt's stocks Standard Process 
Supplements at his Sacramento Practice
Herbs  have a long well documented history of improving peoples health. In Eastern Medical Practices, they have been used in conjunction of other medical protocols including diagnosis and a range of successful treatment protocols including acupuncture. At the Natural Health Clinic, we provide a similar comprehensive approach that includes a review of each patients unique health history, diagnosis of their current situation, consideration of available treatment choices and inclusion of nutritional supplements and herbs as appropriate to improve patient health.

Nutritional supplements and Medicinal herbs are considered by many a more natural approach than pharmaceuticals. As such many patients come to our practice asking for them in preference to prescriptions. In our practice, we often find that we can begin with other protocols. 

For instance, using NAET to reduce allergic responses can improve digestion and utilization of foods improving health and reducing the need for nutritional supplementation or reducing then level of supplements needed. 

​In practice, the doctor will consider many variables in choosing when and how to incorporate supplements in your health plan.

Standard Process founder Dr. Royal Lee, believed that each individual's unique nutritional requirements are best evaluated through a consultation with trained and skilled health care professionals. Stand Process wants you to receive that personalized care so they make products through trained professionals. 

A vertically integrated operation that begins with certified organic ingredients and uses state of the art processing to retain all the nutrients Mother Nature put in.