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Allergies Food and Environmental - Symptoms and Underlying Causes

"Audrey was 11/2 years old and could only eat chicken, apples,and sweet potatoes without breaking out in hives and severe eczema. She had to have her hands, arms and legs covered at all times even in summer to prevent her from scratching to the point of requiring firest aid from the bleeding and sores. 
There was great improvement after the first treatment. After clearing the basic 12, she can eat almost anything with little or no reaction." 
– Diane L (Audrey's Mom) . 07-08-04
The stronger the set of responses, the more negative they are to the patient's continuing their normal lifestyle. Dr. Gantt's practice focuses on changing the way the nervous system perceives substances with the goal being the patient no longer needs to avoid the substance (former allergen). Instead the body recognizes the substance as safe and simply doesn't trigger an allergic response.

In our growingly complex world, the number of allergies seems to be increasing while avoiding allergens is becoming growingly more difficult. Avoiding allergens becomes increasingly difficult when they are in multiple everyday items that, even when we make every effort to avoid them, people near us carry, use and intentionally or unintentionally share. Avoidance and isolation are impractical at best and often impossible at least in any practical way. A new solution is needed. That solution is to reprogram the nervous system to not deliver an allergic response.  

Dr. Gantt's practice utilizes the NAET program which incorporates input from the fields of Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Acupuncture and Kenisiology. NAET grew from the observation that since most people are not allergic to a substance, it is the individual's (allergic) response that causes the problem not something intrinsic in the allergen. This allergic response is controlled/ coordinated in the nervous system. The NAET program provides both an evaluation protocol to clearly identify an individual's allergens using Muscle Response Testing (see our discussion of this) and a process that reprograms the nervous system to not react to the substance with an allergic response. Depending on their sensitivity, an individual's response to NAET can be very rapid (one or a few treatments) or in very sensitive individuals (and those where isolation from the allergen for 25 hours following treatment is not achieved/ achievable) additional treatments over a more extended period are required. Individuals “allergic to everything” have taken up to 3 or 4 years to have all their allergies eliminated. However, that is an incredibly remarkable accomplishment in comparison to what most doctors can provide.

Western Medicine's approach to allergens has been primarily avoidance and developing medications to mask the symptoms. Avoidance is difficult. Natural substances are being filtered better from interior air of buildings but it is almost impossible to avoid exposure walking to and from the car and frequently this is enough for the body to respond. We are coming into contact with more and different compounds formulated for our foods and environment each year. Medications like antihistamines counteract part of the body's response but generally not all the reaction and add undesirable side effects. Kineasology is the science that studies the relationship of the muscles and nerves.

In Eastern Medicine, an allergic reaction occurs when the flow of energy in the body's meridians becomes unbalanced due to contact/ proximity of a substance (allergen). Energy flow can be slowed, blocked or speeded up. When energy passing through one meridian is blocked, it pools (like a lake it is not flowing) and often finds a path to and through a neighboring meridian causing imbalances there also. All are changes in the balance of the flow of energy. The flow is disturbed at a point on the meridian but symptoms will display at the weakest point (body organ) along that meridian meaning “where it hurts isn't necessarily where the problem is.” “Where and how it hurts” are valuable information to an acupuncture expert who uses them to identify the meridian and point where the flow is disrupted. Acupuncture alone can be used to reset the flow of energy within the meridians and with repeated applications to remove the allergic response to an allergen (over time). The results are positive but the time and cost particularly for multiple allergens is challenging. 

The flow of energy can be disrupted on three levels. 
  • Physical – an example would be the physical impact in an automobile accident. 
  • Physiological – an example would a toxin. 
  • Emotional (this includes spiritual) – an example would be receiving a letter about the death of a close friend.

It is observed that an allergic response is frequently much stronger in conjunction with or shortly following a physical, physiological, emotional or spiritual trauma. 

The body associates and remembers things in proximity to one another as for instance, if you receive a letter and read bad news (emotional disruption) while walking in your flower garden, the wonderful flower fragrances may be associated by your body with the bad news and the disruption in energy flow associated with it. The fragrance now begins to act as a trigger for both the emotional and allergic responses. NAET allows the doctor to remove the energy disruption reprogramming the patient's nervous system to not produce an allergic response to the fragrance. 
NAET focuses on the source of the problem – the flow of energy rather than the symptoms – runny nose and watering eyes. When energy flows smoothly again, the runny nose and watering eyes disappear too. All of the symptoms disappear and there are no side effects. For NAET to be effective, the energy flow from the treatment must pass the blockage point on the meridian before the patient engages the allergen again. It takes roughly 2 hours for the flow of energy to pass through each meridian. With 12 meridians, and a little cushion 25 hours to pass completely through the body. A key point is for the patient to stay away from the allergen for approx. 25 hours following the treatment. Dr. Gantt provides details about specific items including foods that need to be avoided for this period for each allergen group when treating groups which also helps when treating a single allergen. It is best to review and prepare in advance as some, like eating only white rice and not touching metal (get gloves), require some preparation. Sometimes the mental preparation is more challenging than the physical avoidance. 

A significant benefit of the NAET program is that patients are directly engaged in the identification, the evaluation and treatment phases of the process. Patient input is critical in tracking down individual allergens in acute situations. During the evaluation, patients can readily observe their Muscle Response Testing. Often patients will experience significant improvement in the week following the first treatment session. It is best to
 have a conversation with the doctor about expectations as there are sometimes preliminary 
substances that need to be cleared before the primary allergen with the resulting benefits being 
more subtle in the beginning. 

We recommend reading on the subject to become a better more informed patient, by reading Dr. 
Nambudripad's book "Say Good-Bye to Illness" available from Dr. Gantt. 
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Dr. Gantt on Allergies

​Audio Transcription:

"Hello,this is Dr. Roc Gantt, I am a naturalpathic doctor and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine located in Sacramento, California at the Natural Health Clinic 5500 Madison Avenue Suite A, Sacramento, California. Our phone number is (916) 349-9223. Today I am beginning to speak about different illnesses different health oriented symptoms we treat at our Sacramento clinic.

Today I am speaking about allergies. Our treatment at our clinic for allergies which is primarily NAET - Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique who I was the first teacher trainer for. Dr. Devi used to have me come to Buena Park, Orange County and teach at her facility there, help with the seminars, training other doctors and we have trained over 5000 doctors world wide. We find that allergies are primarily an autoimmune problem where the body attacks the substance and creates all these symptoms. The body actually creates the symptoms of allergies. It is the bodies energy fighting against the energy of the substance that it thinks is an allergy. The way we do this primarily is NAET.

At our clinic we have a DVD that we play for first time patients so they understand the treatment that we use and what NAET consists of. In general, allergies and allergy problems are created by food and environmental sensitivities. A lot of people know they have environmental sensitivities but do not realize that underlying food sensitivities that they do not know about or that they have not detected contribute a great part to this allergy problem. So we begin by treating underlying food allergies and then move to the environments. We have a list of the most important foods and environmentals that we test and treat for using NAET and while doing this if the patient is having other problems we may use other acupuncture points at the same time. So we do the NAET and we may put in additional points for as an example nasal congestion or wrist pain or shoulder pain and while they are processing the NAET treatment they are also being treated for these other problems. Our next subject will be asthma."
At the Natural Health Clinic we incorporate multiple tools to diagnose, treat symptoms and treat the underlying causes of food and environmental allergies. 

Dr. Gantt's allergy treatment practice focuses on changing the patient's response to allergens. Currently when the individual's nervous system detects the presence of an allergen, it reacts with a set of responses called the "allergic reaction."  Other people's bodies do not respond the same way to that substance. The substance does not cause the symptoms but rather the body when it sees the substance responds with specific set of responses. We have several tools to treat the symptoms. When we treat symptoms, they will return each time the allergen returns. 
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